> Tool Rack - first 3D printing experience (3DP)

> Digital Clock Supports- 3D printed stand for simple digital clock kits (3DP)

> Magnetic Pliers Rack (3DP)

> Turn Signal Flasher Holder (3DP)

> Spool Adapter (3DP)

> Keyslot Adapter (3DP)

> Junction Box Surround (3DP)

> Display Stand For Lighting Controller (3DP)

> Notepad Holder For Shop Bench (3DP)




Electronics & Maker Projects - Page Index

> Big Clock (Electronics, Software)

> WiFi For Big Clock (Electronics, Software, 3DP, CNC)

> Large LED Matrix Clock (Electronics, Software, 3DP, Woodworking)



> Cat Food Dispenser (3DP, Electronics, Software, Motors)



> Bell Box Surround (3DP)

> Light Powered Laser Parking Aid (Electronics, 3DP)

> First CNC Experiments! (CNC)

> Drink Holder (CNC)

> Plastic Badge (CNC)

> CNC Enclosure (CNC, 3DP, Everything Else)









> Hardware From McMaster Files (3DP)

> Shop Styrofoam Wall Hanging Flange (3DP)

> K&L Tools Illuminated Sign (3DP)

> Ryobi Battery Adapter (3DP, Electronics)

> Electric Razor Holder (3DP)

> Reception Window Latch (3DP)






> Molex .093” Connector Starting With Molex File (3DP)

> Socket Extension Holder For 1/4” Extensions (3DP)

> Vacuum Cleaner Headlight (Electronics, 3DP)






> InkBot (Electronics, Software, 3DP, Stepper & Servo Motors)






> Pen Holder For CNC (3DP)

> Dial Indicator Holder For CNC (CNC)

> WiFi For Big Clock (Electronics, Software, 3DP, CNC)









> PCB Milling Experiments (Electronics, CNC)

> NetClock 7-Segment (Electronics, Software, CNC, 3DP)

> Mail’s In! Alert  (Electronics, CNC)

> Center Line Marker (3DP)









           - - - Made In Tennessee - - -

> Wire Shelving Bracket Covers, Cable Raceway Offset, White

      Board Guide Brackets, Curtains Bracket (3DP)

> Akro Mills Drawer Dividers (3DP)

> Drive-In Speakers Audio Unit (Electronics, CNC)

> Hi Don Cent (CNC)

> WiFi For 2nd Big Clock (Electronics, CNC)

> Star Trek Doors (Electronics, Software, 3DP, CNC, Motors, Gears, Carpentry, Drywall)

> Digital Calipers Pegboard Hanger (3DP)

> Dremel Flex Shaft Attachment Hanger (3DP)

> Lipstick Rack (CNC)

> Arcade Game (3DP, Woodwork, Assembly)

> Paper Towel Holder (3DP)

> Servo Tester (Electronics, Software, 3DP, CNC)


> Kitchen Cabinet Rack (CNC)

> Basement Stairs Trim (3DP)

> SwitchBot (Electronics, Software, 3DP, CNC, Linear Actuator, Servo)

> WristClock (Electronics, Software, 3DP, CNC)

> Heat Gun Hanger (3DP)

> Bluetooth Receiver Enclosure (3DP)



> Netclock Bi-Matrix LED Clock (Electronics, Software, 3DP, CNC)

> BulbBot (Motor, Servo, Electronics, Software, 3DP, CNC)



> USB Power LED Indictor (3DP, Electronics)

> The Prisoner Game  (CNC, Woodworking, 3DP, Gear Motors,

        Stepper Motor, Electronics, Software, Sound Editing, Artwork)



> Soap Dispenser Tray (CNC)

> Network BiMatrix LED Clock w/Sound (Electronics, Software, 3DP, CNC)

> Model Car Turntable (CNC, 3DP)

> Mail’s In! Alert - Updated (Electronics, PCB, CNC)

> Teak Headboard & Nightstands (Woodworking, CNC)



> Sprinkler Timer Bracket (CNC)

> Mini-Saw Power Supply (CNC)

> Roku To Yamaha IR Translator (Electronics, PCB, Software)

> Sword Hanger Plaque (CNC)



> Outer Limits Vertical Pinball Machine (Electronics/PCB Design, Software, CNC,                 Woodworking, 3DP, Solenoids, AC Motor, Sound Editing, Video Editing, Artwork)



> Enclosure For Shark HD520 CNC Machine (CNC, Woodworking, 3DP)

> Lending Library (CNC, Woodworking)