We had expanded the shop in a different direction temporarily back in 2004 during Scoot2 restoration. This plus other historical photos from various times.

Shop Area

In the rear part of the garage, we use 2” thick 4’ x 8’ styrofoam panels and standards we custom made to wall off over 500 sq.ft. to create our shop area. There’s a through the wall A/C unit to keep this area usable in the hot Florida weather.

These are gumball machines I made into diorama/curio displays. Below are twin square-shaped machines. The curio to the right started out as a gumball machine in the shape of a visible gas pump. Like the others, I modified it & added illumination. I used it to display a collection of tiny Vitesse 1:43 die-cast gas pumps.

This was our “Diner” in our PSL FL garage. Now it’s in our 2nd floor “Diner” in TN (of course no more Messerschmitt)


“Yellow” is our Maitre d’

AC outlet box we made to sit at the top of one of the lift’s poles to give us power for the lift, chargers, etc.

New (July 2016) CNC area.