NSX just after we bought it in 1998, in the driveway of our old house

Finally, after fighting every element of the factory stereo for as long as we've owned the NSX, it is now officially de-Bosed. Years ago we had rebuilt the speaker enclosures in the doors with nice Kenwood speakers and used a differential converter to allow using a standard JBL amp. It was a major improvement on the garbage factory system, but we still had the radio/headend. In 2010 when it gave out, we had finally had it. During April/May 2010, we removed the headend radio. Since the console is shaped around the controls and openings of the factory radio, it had to be modified if we wanted to install a standard double-DIN stereo.



NSX in driveway of our current house

Festival Of Exotic Cars Feb. 2003 where we won 1st place for NSX

Not wanting to risk ruining it, we contacted Travis at www.highlinecaraudio.com  There were pictures in the forum at NSXprime showing how they had modified other NSX consoles for people. They looked great, so we gave them a try.


The results speak for themselves. It looks fantastic! I had agonized on whether to try to have the original bronze-ish color duplicated or go with satin black. I went with the black and am so glad I did. The guys gave it just the right amount of texture, and we think it looks way nicer than the factory color.