Peel Trident

Text Box: On 2003-12-13, we rented a van and drove north to buy a collection of pieces which had the potential of being a Peel Trident. Apparently long after the Peel was manufactured, a German gentleman and his British friend went to the Peel Engineering facility on The Isle Of Man and purchased a large number of left-over parts.

As we eventually found out, there were almost enough parts to build a Trident, but a few of the most important pieces (such as the steering mechanism) along with some lesser parts were not there. We did make some progress with help from our British friends, but the final pieces were impossible to get along with many other problems.

We took the project as far as we could, but eventually sold the project almost 9 years later on 2012-06-19 to a microcar friend of ours just before we were going to post it on ebay. Here are some pictures that give a glimpse of what we were doing.
Text Box: Picking Up The Pieces
Text Box: Parts stacked to get the feel of what might be.
Text Box: Garage mates