Schmitt in “Diner” in garage

Text Box: See a .pdf of TriTech’s Schmitt Brochure

Kerry next to Schmitt at Treasure Coast Mall car show

Schmitt at National meet at Bruce Weiner’s Museum in 2003

Schmitt not long after we finished building it.

Building Schmitty

Schmitt at Microsouth March 27, 2004

In 2013 we showed Schmitty at Autogeek’s Detail Fest in Stuart FL, very close to home. Dennis Gage and Wayne Carini were both there and posed for pictures. Dennis remembered us from Microsouth 2008 where we had the Scootacars. Wayne actually came over to talk to us because he had just bought a real Messerschmitt (which he thought ours was) and Isetta for his daughters. This was on an episode of his show that hadn’t aired yet. In 2014 we took our DeLorean to Detail Fest. They were both there again and autographed the photos.

More recent photo with “Yellow” cab driver